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Reblog this if it’s ok for my muse to send texts to your muse, even if they’ve never interacted. Some really great friendships start with the wrong numbers after all..

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The shop is open, and so is the door to the garage. Ai was working on Yatterwan within the garage, attempting to improve the robot dog.

"I need to ask Gan-chan to run to the store for more oil and bolts…" the blonde murmured as she worked on Yatterwan.

/ack ai sees fighting on her dash

/to intervene or not to intervene

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“It’s nice to meet you as well, Makoto—the -san isn’t necessary, I’m probably not that older than you.”


“…Eh? Well, If you’re sure then…”

She nodded.

"So, where are you from?"


“That I do. I was known as Quattro Bajeena at the time. It was the Hyaku Shiki, a golden Mobile Suit customized for swift attacks. It had an anti-beam coating, as well.”

"Quattro Baj—then you’re…"

Ai backed away a little.

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Please excuse how unprofessional Ai looks right now, curled up in a mound of blankets.

“It’s freezing out…”

“That it is. However, I’ve been in colder weather…Such as Mount Kilimanjaro in the dead of winter. I was piloting a Mobile Suit, of course, but it was still bone-chillingly cold.”

"Mount Kilimanjaro? Gan-chan and I have heard about it…and are you serious? You pilot a Mobile Suit?"

Please excuse how unprofessional Ai looks right now, curled up in a mound of blankets.

"It’s freezing out…"

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“Good evening, and welcome to Takada Toys! How may I help you today?”

“…Hm? Oh, my apologies. I didn’t notice you there, young lady. Do you know where I could find parts for Mobile Suits?”

"…Mobile…Suits? Like that anime?"